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Sharon Batts – Public Relations, Marketing & Media

SharonBattsSharon Batts was grand prize winner of Marriott Rewards “Year of Surprises” honoring her colleague, Ryan Hicks, Co-Founder of Ballin’ For Peace September 2014 at Renaissance Hotel in Los Angeles. To commemorate the event, a documentary for the Ballin’ For Peace organization is featured on Marriott International YouTube channel, this is a first original program for the global hotel chain.

Sharon is a very giving person and as President of KIASHA Entertainment, she has co-sponsored, produced and co-produced numerous Ballin’ For Peace events such as: the 2009 Ballin’ For Peace Basketball Showdown in Pasadena, the winning player for NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest at Universal Studios City Walk, Ballin’ For Peace Night at Staples Center, and Phoenix during NBA All-Star weekend, and Ballin’ For Peace Basketball Showdown in August 2008 in Reseda, CA.

For her dedication to the organization and positive support in the community, Sharon has received an award from New Social Workers and Ballin’ For Peace organizations.

Quenton Bowman – Community Relations, Philadelphia

QuentonBowmanQuenton is dedicated to making a difference and being a positive role model. He is very active in the community and is responsible for the expansion of Ballin’ For Peace from Los Angeles into the Philadelphia metropolitan area. Quenton was a member of the N’credible Lifestyle marketing and branding team for Nick Cannon and N’Credible Entertainment for a number of years and he uses that expertise to help elevate the awareness of the Ballin’ For Peace movement in Philadelphia. He has been instrumental in coordinating events, obtaining sponsors and establishing community relations with influential leaders in Philadelphia.

Asia Wildenboer – Marketing & Community Relations

AsiaWildenboerAsia continues to help Ballin’ For Peace accomplish its mission through unique sponsorship opportunities while maintaining professional community relations. In 2012, she received an award from New Social Workers – Ballin’ For Peace for her dedication and support of positive community programs.

Prior to joining the Ballin’ For Peace organization, her expertise has included music promotion and creativity in the entertainment and film industries and often known as the “Renaissance Woman of Hip-Hop”. Her association has included musical talents such as WuTang Clan, Cyprus Hill, Tupac, and many others. Her passion for quality and inspirational Hip Hop music has provided talented artists for Ballin’ For Peace events.

A native of Indonesia and lived in Amsterdam, Asia has an appreciation for many cultures which is an asset to Ballin’ For Peace.

About Ballin’ For Peace

Ballin’ For Peace-New Social Workers, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was formed to provide positive recreational activities for youth and adults in the community. NSW has hosted basketball programs, leagues, celebrity games and other entertaining events in the community since 1981. Our theme “Have a Ball without Drugs, Alcohol and Gang Violence” has been well received by several communities visited. Based in the Los Angeles area, Ballin’ For Peace provides workshops, employment opportunities, educational grants, scholarships, health care services and other programs for all ages. We partner with various read more

BFP In The News

Ryan Hicks Revamps Ballin' For Peace
Ballin' For Peace started as the Venice Beach tournament in 1979. Kenn I. Hicks founded the organization and brought street ball to the West Coast. Past athletes that have participated are Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers) and Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards). In 2007, his son Ryan Hicks picked up the reigns and re-energized the organization. read more

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